ETA Data Direct, Inc.

Our Solutions

Municipal Court Solutions

Feature-rich and easy to use, The ETA Municipal Court solution tracks and records all money transactions, court fines and distributes to the appropriate city, county or state agencies. All of the state and county forms can be printed from within the court system with all information automatically entered.

ETA Collections, LLC

ETA Collections was established in 2003 to assist the courts in collecting fines, court costs and restitution. With interfaces from the ETA Municipal Court System, no other vendor can match the benefits of having ETA Court software and ETA Collections software.

Business License

The ETA Business License system allows you to enter all license using an on-line calculator to verify the amount submitted for a business license. The system will print the renewal notices at year end and print the actual business license for mailing.

Utility Billing

The ETA Utility Billing system has all of the functions needed for your billing department. Included in the system is the following:

  1. - On-line cash receipts system
  2. - Hand held computer interface
  3. - Penalty amount calculations
  4. - Cut-off notices and reports

Credit Card

ETA has partnered with Government Portal to provide credit card processing for:

  1. - Municipal Court Payments
  2. - Utility Billing Payments
  3. - Business License Payments